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Mayo County Council IT Section Wins Microsoft Award
By Mayo Co Co
22, Apr 2003 - 21:27

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Tim Willoughby (Assistant Director, LGCSB), Ian Taylor (Chief Technical Architect, Microsoft Ireland), Alex Fleming (Systems Analyst/Developer, Mayo County Council), Pat Carroll (Head of Information Systems, Mayo County Council), Rick Love (IS Project Leader, Mayo County Council), Brid Carter (Director, LGCSB).

Mayo County Council IT Section Wins Microsoft Award

Mayo County Council’s IT Section has won the ICT Excellence Microsoft Sharepoint Award which includes both a trophy and an opportunity for three of its IT Staff to visit the Microsoft developers in Seattle, Washington. The Award was given for technical achievement in creating an intranet using the advanced features of the Microsoft Sharepoint system. Mayo won this award in competition with over 20 local authorities from across the Republic.

The Local Government Computer Services Board (LGCSB) held its first ever award competition for intranets this year. Intranets, which are used by and are only accessible to internal staff members, are designed to improve communication and efficiency within the organization. Mayo was first shortlisted to compete for the intranet award and then presented its system to judges from both the government and private sectors in Dublin back in March.

The Microsoft judge was so impressed by the advanced use of the Microsoft products that they rewarded Mayo’s development achievements. Unlike most local authorities, in addition to developing its own intranet components, Mayo also built custom components using Microsoft’s Sharepoint technologies. This is why Microsoft included the visit to Seattle which will allow Mayo’s developers to discuss the product with the very people who program the Sharepoint software.

The trophy will soon be on display in the Council headquarters. The Mayo IT Developers are tentatively scheduled to visit the Microsoft campus in late May.


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