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Young Scientist Exhibition - Pupil Reports

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Just two of the lads at the RDS.

My Trip To Dublin

By Colm S.

Before Christmas our class was told that four people would be going to Dublin to display our project on the local history of Castlebar. It was to be displayed in the main hall of the R.D.S at the young scientist and technology exhibition from the 12th to the 15th of January. Four People out of my class, two from Mr Mahon’s class and two from Mr Barret’s class were brought to Dublin. Two teachers came with us and drove us up in their Car them teachers were Mr. Devaney and Mr. Mahon. We stayed three nights at the Mount Herbert hotel and we got all our meals paid for.

My first impression of the R.D.S was different than what I had thought. The first day was exciting and we didn’t get bored. We had to put up our charts in a way that everything looked perfect and we had to install the software on the computers that were there. The sound that was on the computers there did not work so Mr Keena came up with one of the computers from our school. On the first night we just stayed in the hotel and watched television.

Day 2: The exhibition was officially opened by the President of Ireland and at 12 o clock the exhibition was open to the public but it wasn’t too busy. That night we went ice-skating and then went back to the hotel. Day 3: Today was the busiest day of all. In about an hour we were very tired so some of us were allowed to look around at other projects and when they came back the others were allowed to look around. That night we went to the circus but we only got to see the first half because it was late.

Day 4: Today was a busy day and at times I got bored. The minister for education looked at some of the projects but didn’t come to see ours. We left the R.D.S at about 4 O clock and arrived home at about eight thirty.



Young Scientist Exhibition


On the 12th of January 2000, eight boys were selected to go to the Young Scientist Exhibition. We travelled to Dublin by car with two teachers Mr.Devaney and Mr.Mahon. We stayed in the Mount Herbert hotel near Lansdown Road. It was a lovely hotel and was in walking distance of the R.D.S. where the competition was held. The exhibition was run between the 12th and the 15th of January. We were at the exhibition as guests. The whole school part in the project and it was about local history in Castlebar and Mayo. Our display was very nice and was a great success. It was hard work at the R.D.S. We had to show and tell people about our project. The President Mary McAleese and the Minister of Education Michael O’ Martin visited the exhibition. There were some very interesting displays and the person that won did a project on the population of European cities. Overall it was a great experience and I was lucky to be chosen.

By: Darragh G.


Young Scientist

On the 12th of January me, seven others and our two teachers set off for this years annual Young Scientist Exibition. We had a early start after the long tiring journey but to us it was something new and we didn’t mind. The first day was mainly setting up and getting used to the place. The three days ahead of us were completely different. We had great luxery after our days work in our hotel! And were extremely well treated and each night we did something new. Apart from a few annoying hiccups we overall –I think- did the job. Many people visited us which was great especially if knew them and being able to look around at other projects that were there. Some amazed me ,some didn’t. Overall looking back at it now I was very lucky to be picked.

By Ronan H