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Mindfulness Meditation for Castlebar
By Suzanne Moran
2, Jun 2013 - 08:16

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Learning to Exhale is a new social enterprise based in Mayo that teaches 'mindfulness' meditation in five locations and are soon to be opening classes in both Galway and Sligo. In the last 12 months mindfulness has become very popular in the minds of people from many references to mindfulness in the media increasing awareness of the practice and its many benefits.

Castlebar has a Learning to Exhale group that starts every six weeks which teaches people mindfulness. All are welcome and class size is limited to 15 so book your place by ringing 087 192 9067. We also teach in Ballina, Foxford, Claremorris and Sligo.

The Learning to Exhale 'Mindfulness Incubator' opened in Foxford recently. This is the first dedicated national facility for medical mindfulness. We support people through on going optional training at this facility. Opening our dedicated facility allows us to teach more classes and empower more & more people all the while proteting their wellbeing.

In recent months there has been big cutbacks in the mental health services section in Castlebar with 260 mental nurses being reduced to 140 in an area where there is a high suicide risk to the community.

Over 400 000 Irish people are suffering from depression. One on four is suffering from stress.

Mindfulness is an EASY life skill to learn with PROFOUND benefits to your mental health, well-being and spiritual intelligence SQ. We aim to build a mindfulness community in the west of Ireland.

Google Facebook and Coca-cola all teach mindfulness courses in their centres in the USA. They found that not only did mindfulness protect the wellbeing of their staff but also increased productivity and creativity. Many schools also teach mindfulness to their students in the USA.

The mindfulness medics at the centre teach six week courses in mindfulness and they award certificates at the completion of the course. One hour 15 minutes a week for six weeks.

Learningto Exhale is a social enterprise

One of the instructors of the course is published in 11 languages and is an international expert on complementary medicine. Another worked in domestic violence for seven years as a support worker.

Suzanne Moran one of the founders of the organization said, 'We are delighted with the opening of the Mindfulness Incubator its a major achievement to do this in only three months. We feel this reflects the interest of the public in mindfulness and the quality of the instruction we give people. By now having a dedicated facility we can hopefully influence organisations like the HSE to start incorporating mindfulness into their medical culture. This could then help thousands of Irish people 400, 000 of whom are depressed and one in four of whom are suffering from stress. We even believe that we are a help to the suicide crisis.'

‘At least 60% of all doctor visits are due to stress related causes that the 'self-care' component that includes mind/body interactions, nutrition, exercise and spirituality is a vital component of effective health care.' Dr Herbert Benson, The Relaxation Response

In an article published by "People Management", research conducted by Kieran O'Boyle, professor of psychology at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin identified that Senior Managers in Ireland as so stressed that they have a lower quality of life than the terminally ill.

Mindfulness meditation can, with proper instruction and practice, help to reduce the following:

  • Stress & anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Cardiac arrhythmia's
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Allergies
  • PMS
  • Menopause Symptoms
  • Infertility and
  • Boosts Your Immune System.

It can also improves sleep quality dramatically... plus much, much more......

Check out our Facebook page for more info.

Contact 087 192 9067 to book your place on the next six week course in Castlebar.

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