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Bring Centre Bottle Bank
16, Apr 2009 - 21:45

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How to use your local bring centre (Bottle Bank)


Your recycling bring centre contains facilities for the recycling of green, brown and clear glass. It is very important to separate your glass into the three colours and place them into the correct color-coded bank. The glass companies will not accept glass if it is mixed.
Bottle Bank

Remember that it is not only bottles that you can recycle. Remember to recycle all the jars that are used in the kitchen as well, such as pasta sauces and mayonnaise jars.

To prevent odours, please rinse out your recyclables before placing them in the bring bank.

It is not necessary to remove paper labels but remember to remove foil labels, corks, rings and caps.

Blue glass bottles can be placed in the Green colour coded bin.

Aluminium Drink Cans:

Your recycling facility contains a specific bank for recycling aluminium drink cans. This includes soft drink cans and beer cans Please crush your drink cans before placing them in the recycling bring bank.

No thank you!
No plastic bags, litter or dumping. Please bring your plastic bags and boxes home with you.

You can not place windscreen, mirror or window glass in your recycling centre.

You can not place crystal, delph, pottery, Pyrex, television tubes, drinking glasses, light bulbs in your recycling centre.

Do not place steel cans such as food cans in the recycling centre.

If you think your recycling centre is in need of emptying, please contact Rehab Partnership

@ lo-call 1850 585 300.

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