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This is a good game because it helps your reading and you have to click on the right thing.
I think it is good for your memory.
I chose this game because I think that it will help younger children develop brain skills and be more independent on the computer

I think that this game is very good for familys if say on a rainy day have nothing to do they can just turn on the computer and have lots of FUN!!!

This is a really good website because the games are all different and they all are good for something.

I like this game because it is a fun and its like you are actualy driving a crazy taxi and it is suitable for fifth and sixth.It improves your computer skills.

This is a great computer game because it helps your hand eye cordination.It is suitable for fifth and sixth.
I like this computer game because you need to concentrate on where the ghosts are and then hit them.
I love this game because it was fun.
i choose this game because it is fun because this is a lot of different games
for 5th and 6th class .There is cooking/
i like this game because its fun and you get to dress up loads of dolls. Its sut+eble for 11 and 12 year olds!
this is a good website because you can play looads of games and you can do lots of different activeties and it helps you with your hand eye coourdination!

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