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A Medieval Church at Kiltullagh.
By N.O'N.
5, Jun 2007 - 17:33

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Kiltullagh's Ancient Church.

The photos show the ancient church site at Kiltullagh near to the Mayo border with Co. Roscommon. The church site is situated on top of a steep hill from which a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside is to be seen. Legend has it that in the fifth century a local chieftain Enda O’Flynn converted to Christianity and gave land to St. Patrick to build a church at Kiltullagh (Cill Tullach - Church on the Hill).

The present ruined church is thought to date from 1441 and, it is said, that Cromwellian forces destroyed the building in the mid-1600’s.

On an adjoining hilltop there is a standing stone where, some years ago, a shallow grave containing the skeleton of a man was found. Carbon 14 tests carried out at Queen’s University, Belfast, placed the date of the burial in the year 430 A.D. plus or minus 20 years. The burial was orientated in the east-west direction, ( in the Christian tradition) raising the question, was this the grave of one of Ireland’s first early Christians ?

The late Gerry Cribbin of Ballyhaunis, a member of the Mayo Historical & Archaeological Society, took part in the work on Kiltullagh Hill and his valuable contribution was acknowledged in an article - ‘A pagan-Christian Transitional Burial At Kiltullagh‘. Emania 1995 pp. 88-98.

The Medieval Church at Kiltullagh.

















The Church on the Hill, Cill Tullach.









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