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NW Angling News - 14 April 2009
By John Conneely
14, Apr 2009 - 19:48

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River Moy 

Water levels remained low during the early part of the week but rose significantly following midweek heavy rain. Over recent days a number of good fish have been reported from the upstream fisheries.  

Sixteen salmon were caught during the week including, the fish of the week, a very nice springer of 6.9 kg (15.25lbs) taken on the East Mayo Anglers’Association water by 15 year old Welsh angler, Freddie Duncalf, fishing a spinner.  

Freddie Duncalf pictured with his 6.9kg (15.25 lbs) Moy springer.

Dan Stewart, Northern Ireland had a very nice springer of 5kgs (11 lbs) which came to a spinner also on the East Mayo Anglers’ Association water. Three salmon were taken on the Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water. John Cornally, Offaly had a nice 3.9kg (8.5 lbs) fish on Gannon’s fishery. Other anglers to take salmon included Sammy Colgan, Dublin fishing the Foxford fishery and upstream on the Cloongee fishery, French angler, Pierre Vellut had a nice 3.2kg fish (7 lbs) while spinning 

Loughs Conn and Cullin

A cold north west wind at the beginning of the week did not encourage anglers to venture out on the loughs. Also, heavy mid week rain led to a rise in water levels and, with low temperatures, there was little sign of the much awaited olive hatch.

However, those anglers who did fish enjoyed some success. Ian Wise and John Warren fishing from Gortnorabbey had two trout to olives on Bog Bay. Padraic Traynor fishing with John Garvey, Kilkenny also had two trout on Flannery’s Bay. Fishing out of Massbrook, Ronnie Chambers, Belfast had two trout off Brackwansha on Easter Sunday and Dominic Concannon, Derry returned two from Coleman’s shallows. Other anglers to report trout included Gary Crossley fishing a Bibio, Walter and Susan Byrne, Cloghans and Offaly who had two for 1.4kg (3 lbs). Best catch went to Brendan Levins, Dublin fishing with Seamus Kelly who had four trout for 2.7 kg (6lbs) fishing the Claret Bumble and Sooty Olive. 

Bilberry Lough 

The Bilberry & Lannagh Angling Club held its first competition of 2009 on Bilberry Lough on Sunday 5 April, 2009. Fifteen anglers fished the competition which was won by Peter Byrne with three trout weighing in at 1.75kg (3.85 lbs). Second place went to Ollie Dorrington who also had three fish with third place going to Peter Gray. The prize for heaviest fish went to Shane Walsh with his first fish which weighed in at 0.64kg (1.4 lbs).   Most popular flies on the day included Claret Bumbles, Silver Dabblers and Muddlers.

Carrowmore Lake 

Four salmon were reported for the week, two of which went to local anglers Pat Doherty and Michael Noone who had salmon of  3.2kg( 7lbs) and 3.6kg (8 lbs) respectively. Sean O’Malley, Westport also took a nice fish of 3.6kg (8lbs). 

Lough Beltra 

Three good salmon were reported for the week, two of which went to visiting anglers Lorne Vernon, Belgium who had a very nice 4.5kg (10lbs) springer and English angler, David Cripps who landed a good 3.6kg (8 lbs) fish, both of whom were fishing out of Newport House. Aiden Byrne, Castlebar also had a very good springer of  4.5kg (10 lbs) fishing the Glenisland portion of the lake.


Ballin Lough  

Thirty four rainbows were reported for the week of which 30 were very sportingly returned to the water. Jimmy Gibson, Westport had 12, ten of which were returned with his best weighing in at 1.6kg (3.5 lbs). Padraic Traynor and friend had nine rainbows all of which were returned. Others to take fish included Seamus O’Malley, Westport and Joe Gibbons, Kilmeena who had seven between them, five returned with their best 1.8kg (4 lbs). Most successful flies for the week included Muddlers and dry hoppers. 

Ballisodare River 

The Ballisodare fishery reported ten fish for the week, most of which were taken at the beginning of the week prior to persistent high water conditions following heavy rain. Three salmon were taken on Monday, the best of which a nice 3.9kg (8.5 lbs) fish went to local angler, Jimmy Cuffe, fishing an Ally’s shrimp. Tuesday saw 4 fish caught, two of which were released with the best fish a 4kg (9 lbs) springer coming to T. Mann, Northern Ireland fishing the worm. Mid week was very quiet due to high water and, on Easter Sunday, Anthony McCann and Dermot Glennon,  fishing the worm, each had a very nice springer of 5kg (11 lbs) and 4.5kg (10 lbs) respectively. 

Lough Arrow 

Few anglers were out due to cold conditions and strong south easterly winds. Most anglers who ventured out opted to troll and reported some good fish. In particular, Maurice McCaffrey, Sligo had a very fine 3.2kg (7lbs) trout. Local angler, Gavin Cogan had a nice 1.1kg (2.5kg) fish and Peter Dunne, Drumshanbo  also took two good trout  each around 1kg. Anglers reported small hatches of duck fly and the outlook is for good duck fly fishing in the evening with favourable weather conditions. 

Lough Doon 

This small lake with a good stock of free rising wild brown trout opened recently and the small number of anglers who fished the lake to date have enjoyed considerable success. These included Eugene Curran who had six trout fishing Duck fly, five of which he returned and Paddy Ward, Westmeath who had twelve fishing a Bibio all of which he released.

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