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NW Angling News - 11 Apr 2010
By Bryan Ward
13, Apr 2010 - 19:51

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River Moy

With extremely high water at the start of the week few anglers ventured onto the Moy. However, towards the weekend weather improved greatly and water levels are slowly receding. The Ridge Pool has yet to yield its first fish for the season so a reminder to all anglers that the Ridge Pool remains free to fish until the first salmon is caught.

A total of four salmon were reported for the week on the Moy, two of those being caught on the Ballina Salmon Anglers water. A further two salmon were caught on the East Mayo Anglers water, one by Ian Guegan on the spinner and another by Jim Ruane, Castlebar, on the fly. Both fish were released.

Lough Conn

Lough Conn continued to fish well throughout the week, with fish being taken on Buzzers, Duckflies, Bibios and even some being caught on dry flies! In the Bog Bay area John Cooney, Chicago, had one trout at 1lb while Mike Murray, Leeds, had three trout totaling 4lbs and all fish were tempted by Bibios. In the Cloghans area Stephen Brown had two trout for 4lbs on Buzzers. Susan and Walter Byrne, Co. Offaly, fishing in the Cloghans area, had a total of thirty trout for a week's angling with fish being taken on both wet and dry flies. Seamus Kelly, Cloghans, had six trout all over 1lb.

Fishing out of Pontoon Bridge Hotel, Hans and Achim Bauer, Germany, had two trout for two pounds. Finally, Fred Finlay, Crossmolina, had success while trolling off Inishlee catching a fine 10lbs salmon.

Carrowmore Lough

Angling on Carrowmore remains slow with two salmon being reported for the week. Peter Maguire, Dublin, had one salmon at 7lbs while Declan Dooley had one salmon also weighing 7lbs.

Lough Beltra and Newport River

Beltra continues to yield some good catches of spring salmon. Fishing out of Newport House, James O'Hora caught a fine 13lbs salmon at Morrisons and David McClune, N.Ireland, had one salmon at 9lbs. On the Glenisland Co-Op waters, on Beltra East, Declan Dooley, Dublin caught a 7lbs salmon, Rocky Moran had one at 6lbs and Michael Dolan had one salmon at 8lbs. All fish caught on Beltra this week were safely returned as required by law up until 11 May.

A total of four salmon have been reported for the Newport River for the week. Alistair McClune had one salmon at 8lbs while Mike Stuart, Dublin, caught one at 7lbs. A Mr Cahill landed one salmon at 8lbs while a Mr Haywood had one salmon at 6lbs.

Ballin Lough

Ballin Lough has continued its good start to the season with a total of twenty one rods fishing for the week, accounting for a total catch of 61 Rainbow Trout of which 41 were safely released. Brian Mc Gowan had a total of 12 Rainbow Trout with the best fish weighing 4.2lbs. Orla Walsh and friend caught 6 trout with their best weighing at 3.5lbs. C. Mannion and friends, fishing three rods, had a total of 9 trout with the best of their catch weighing 2.5lbs. Finally, Tommy Carroll and friend, Islandeady, had 8 trout for their outing with their best weighing 3.5lbs.

Ballisodare Fishery

Angling effort at the beginning of the week was somewhat hampered by high water, with the river in flood up until Wednesday the 7th. Good numbers of fish continue to run the system, however, and with water levels falling, angling and catches soon resumed. Billy Moore, N.Ireland, had a 10lbs salmon taken on the worm on the 8th and the following day three salmon were also caught on the worm. These included one at 9lbs, one at 6lbs and a

8.5lbs salmon caught by John Connelly, Sligo. A total of four salmon were reported for the 10th two weighing in at 6lbs, a 7lbs fish and an 8.5lbs salmon caught and released by James Cuffe who took the fish on an Ally Shrimp. Three salmon was the total for Sunday 11th, with one at 4lbs, one at 6lbs and a fine 9lbs salmon taken by Michael Gallagher, Tipperary on the fly.

Lough Doon

Lough Doon has started to produce some good angling for those who have tried the lough. Derick King of Galway had five trout for his day, four of which were returned with the best weighing 1lb. All were taken on Olives. Peter McManus, Antrim, had a successful day catching 10 trout and returning 9 all taken with black Duckflies. Dromahair angler, Arron Devenny, had five trout on olive-nymphs with the heaviest at 1.25lbs. Finally Paul Flanagan, Sligo, had two trout on duckflies, both of which were released. For information on permits or booking a boat on Lough Doon, please contact the Blue Devon, Main Street Dromahair on 071 9164134.


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